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Laravel 9 Authentication Tutorial

In this blog, we will see step by step how to implement authentication in your Laravel 9 application. What is Laravel? Laravel is an open-source PHP web application framework with expressive, elegant syntax. It is an MVC framework for building simple to complex web applications using the PHP programming language.  Laravel strictly follows the MVC […]

how to use Snapchat

Following are steps that you must know for using snapchat, in this article you will get to know the use of snapchat. how we can use snapchat Download the Snapchat app from the App Store or Google Play Store on your phone. Open the app and create an account by entering your email address and […]

How to install PHP Laravel ?? PHP Laravel Install

Laravel Interview Questions and Answers

To install Laravel, you will need to have PHP and a web server such as Apache or Nginx installed on your machine. You will also need to have Composer, a dependency manager for PHP, installed. Here are the steps to install Laravel: Install PHP and a web server on your machine. If you are using […]

Top 10 web designing companies

A cleverly designed predictive page works better than any malicious website. Top 10 web designing companies Great SEO techniques and highly developed websites make a good impression of your business process. Top 10 Web Design Companies 1. Tvisha Technologies Tvisha Technologies entered the corporate world in 2002. Compiled by leading web designers and web developer services, […]

Deep Dive Into WordPress Website Security Check

Modify Comment Form Default Fields

Are WordPress Websites safe? This question gets asked tons both by new and old website owners. And if you’re serious about owning a site then WordPress security may be a vital topic you would like to be that specialize in because having the proper wordpress securities and protection for your site features a lot of […]

Modify Comment Form Default Fields

Modify Comment Form Default Fields

Recently i was hired by a web designer to provide custom coding for their clients comment form. The client wanted to change the order of the input fields, remove the website URL field and add 2 custom comment form fields named Title and Industry. Here’s the result i achieved without hacking the WordPress core files […]

How to Remove the Powered by Text in WordPress Footer Links

Remove the Powered by Text in WordPress Footer

Hello, Guyz hope you are doing well! Many of the peoples are asking me how can they remove the powered by text in WordPress footer links. So, today I am going to discuss the possibility and recommended a way to remove or customize the powered text in the footer section. Most of the themes of […]

User Roles and Permissions in Laravel

User Roles and Permissions in Laravel

Hello Artisans How are you all I hope you are doing well?. today this is my 4th article. and now in this article, we will discuss various user roles and permissions in laravel. as you guyz are well know that laravel provides advance user roles and permission artitechture to handle a large varitey of user […]

Tips and Tricks of Laravel

Tips and Tricks of Laravel - Laravel Best Practises tips and technique

In this blog series, I will show you some Tips and Tricks of Laravel. Every Laravel developer should know how to write clean code and not write unnecessary code. We look at some tips and tricks at Laravel for writing better code to help and optimize our app to get better performance. Laravel 6 tips […]