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Welcome to Web Designing World’s Specialized Multi-Vendor Ecommerce Website Development Services Provider As a leading provider of Ecommerce website  development solutions, we understand that every project is unique, and our multi-vendor page is here to cater to a diverse range of needs. Whether you’re a business owner looking to expand your online presence or a talented developer seeking a platform to showcase your skills, our multi-vendor website page is the perfect hub for collaboration and growth.

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Why us for your Multivendor Ecommerce Website Designing

Diverse Talent Pool

Our multi-vendor platform brings together a diverse community of web developers, designers, and digital experts from around the world. You'll have access to a wide range of skills and expertise to find the perfect match for your project

Quality Assurance

We rigorously vet and verify all vendors on our platform to ensure that they meet our stringent quality standards. Rest assured, you'll be working with experienced professionals who are committed to delivering top-notch results

Tailored Solutions

Whether you're in need of a full-scale web development project, a website redesign, or specific development tasks, our vendors offer a variety of services tailored to your requirements

Competitive Pricing

Our multi-vendor platform promotes healthy competition among vendors, which translates into competitive pricing for our clients. You'll receive high-quality services at cost-effective rates

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Multivendor Websites Allow your vendors to create sell their products from your website easily.

What Special in our Multivendor Ecommerce Websites ?

Unlimited Vendors

Your multivendor e-commerce platform supports an unlimited number of vendors, allowing businesses of all sizes to join and sell their products or services.

Unlimited Products

There's no limit to the number of products that vendors can list on the platform. This scalability ensures a wide variety of offerings for customers.

Login/Register with OTP

Enhance security and convenience with OTP (One-Time Password) authentication during the login and registration process. This adds an extra layer of protection to user accounts.

GST Calculations

Streamline tax calculations with built-in GST (Goods and Services Tax) calculations. This feature simplifies the tax process for vendors and ensures compliance with tax regulations.

Robust Payment Systems

Provide multiple payment options for customers, including credit/debit cards, digital wallets, and more. A robust payment system ensures secure and smooth transactions.

Warehouse Management

Efficiently manage inventory with a comprehensive warehouse management system. This helps vendors keep track of their products and ensures accurate order fulfillment.

Ajax Add to Cart

Implement an Ajax-based add-to-cart feature, allowing customers to add products to their cart without refreshing the entire page. This provides a seamless shopping experience.

Product Reviews

Enable customers to leave product reviews and ratings. Reviews build trust, influence purchase decisions, and provide valuable feedback to vendors.

Auto Vendor Payment Calculation

Automate the vendor payment calculation process based on sales and commissions. This reduces manual work, minimizes errors, and ensures timely payments to vendors.

Generic Features

The system would have some common features, and those features would be applicable globally
to everyone who is using the system. These features are:


New users will create an account, and the existing users/admin will directly be logged in to the application with their credentials.

Forgot Password

The password can be reset with this feature.


The product would support multiple languages so that it would be usable across the world.

Ecommerce integration

This feature will allow the users to shop on the platform for their desired products along with secure checkout and shipping methods.

Product Management Feature

This is the essential feature of the application, which allows the user to feel
the seamlessness of the platform. In this category, there are several features:

Admin Module

These features will enable the vendors/owners to make things feasible to meet the market requirements. Moreover, all manager/admin activity could be performed with these features.


This feature will allow the user to upload the products in bulk quantity on the system within a proper format.

Tax management

Tax management would be a viral feature by this the standard tax would be automatically calculated and will showcase in the invoice.

Stock Management

With this feature, the stock could be calculated and therefore, can analyze whatever is remaining in the stock


This feature would allow the vendor to associate some rewards with the product to increase sales.

Product Catalog

With this feature, the product catalog can be added within a very hassle freeway.

User Management

This feature would manage all users associated with the application
with different roles like store owners/vendors/customers.

Multi-vendor management

Multiple vendors could be registered with the app and sell their products. Each vendor will assign a different form where he/she can manage the respective inventory.

Payment Integration

This feature will allow the system to integrate and take multiple payment gateways like Authorize.Net, PayPal, stripe, etc.


With this feature, the application will start accepting multi-currencies so that the app could be used in different territories.

Discount coupon Management

This feature will allow adding a discount on a specific product in terms of percentage or a fixed amount discount. The same will reflect on the front end to the user.

Marketing Features

These features will enable your application to get
emerged with the market trend and achieve the set goal. These Features are:

PPC Advertisements

Enable marketers to post advertisements on your website and earn taxation for every click.

Social Media Sharing

This feature will allow sharing the products on social media, and therefore, the presence across the globe will get increase.


This feature will engage the audience to come to the website and read some relevant and useful content.

Affiliate Module

Construct a more significant name for your label and a more compelling user base through affiliate marketing.

Product Recommendation

Behind this feature, a smart algorithm would work which retrieves similar products as a similar one.

Super Admin Module

The super admin will be able to manage the activities on the platform entirely.

Vendor Management

The super admin will be able to manage all vendors and their respective firms. Super admin can block and vendor whereas can add a new one too.

Traffic Source

This feature will analyze from where you get the maximum traffic and squeeze the campaigns going on accordingly.

Visitor Statics

This feature will show the data of visitors on the website.

Revenue Report

The revenue report will consist of the story, which indicates the total revenue of the platform.


The super admin can also track all orders associated and placed on the platform.

Our On-Demand Multi Vendors eCommerce Website comes with separate modules for vendors and customers. Moreover, we also offer a complete dashboard and backend for admin so the single portal can manage those backend things.

Multi/Single Vendor Ecommerce Mobile Apps

Discover the future of e-commerce with our cutting-edge Multivendor E-commerce Mobile Apps Development Services. We specialize in crafting bespoke mobile applications that empower businesses to create thriving online marketplaces. From seamless vendor management to user-friendly interfaces and robust payment systems, our solutions are designed to boost your brand’s online presence and revenue. Elevate your e-commerce game with our expertise, ensuring a smooth and engaging shopping experience for both vendors and customers. Embrace innovation, elevate your online marketplace, and watch your business thrive with our Multivendor E-commerce Mobile Apps Development Services.

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