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How to use react-router-dom v6

React Router is a popular library for routing in a React application. It provides several components that can be used to define the routes in your application and navigate between them. Here is an example of how you can use React Router in a React application: Install the library by running npm install react-router-dom or […]

Build a News Mobile App with Ionic 5 & React

News Mobile App with Ionic5

In this Blog Series, I am going to show you that how can you Build a News Mobile App with Ionic5 and React JS. we are using here Ionic 5, Axios and React to build a basic news application. We are using a dummy of NewsAPI.org for getting news data in the same way you […]

React Router 5.1+ Hooks

React Router 5.1+ Hooks

Hello, Guyz I am back with one new exciting thing. it is reactjs Router how can we use React Router 5.1+ Hooks. React Router 5.1 introduced four hooks to implement routing in a function-based way. It is an updated version of React routers navigation Please note that you need to be using React 16.8+ version […]