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Laravel Interview Questions and Answers are very important. Finding a job related to the required skills and experience is not easy. Whenever possible, there is a large number of applicants interested in the profession

Today’s race is a time when you can isolate yourself and seek adversity. Graduation does not set you apart from others and does not guarantee a good career. What sets you apart from others are the commonly asked questions and a few complex concepts.

Frequently asked questions separate one from the other because this one is overlooked by most students, so, if you have a current mindset and can answer those foolish questions of the interviewer, you will definitely stand out as different.

Of course, the same complex concepts are not easy to understand for everyone, so, this can help the interviewer in distinguishing them from others. There are a few questions and answers to these frequently asked questions on Laravel Interview.

Interview Questions for Laravel

Question: What are the new features of Laravel 7?

Laravel 7.0 is incorporated with a number of latest features such as Better routing speed, Laravel Airlock, Custom Eloquent casts, Fluent string operations, Blade component tags, CORS support, and many more features. The Laravel 7.0 released on 3rd March 2020 with the latest and unique features.

New Features in Laravel 7

Question: How to extend login expire time in Auth?

You can extend the login expire time with config\session.php this file location. Just update lifetime the variables value. By default it is 'lifetime' => 120. According to your requirement update this variable.

Question: List the server requirements for Laravel 7?

There are following extensions and modules required for successfully all functionality of laravel 7

Question: What is middleware in Laravel?

For Laravel, middleware serves as a buffer and a way to filter between request and response. It verifies the authenticity of users of the program and redirects them to the results of the authentication. We can create middleware in Laravel by executing the following command.

php artisan make:middleware MiddlewareName

For example: If a user is not authorized and tries to access the dashboard at that time, the middleware will send that user to the login page.

Get ready to answer this question. These are Laravel’s favorite questions for many commentators. Don’t let this question ruin the opportunity. Read it twice.

Question: What is Reverse Routing?

Reverse routing is generated URL’s based totally on route. It makes our application so a lot greater flexible.


Route:: get('login', 'login@index'); // It is normal route but after reverse routing, we can also call this link with

{{ HTML::link_to_action('login@index') }}

Question: How we can pass CSRF token with advance AJAX Request?

In between head, tag put <meta name="csrf-token" content="{{ csrf_token() }}"> and in Ajax, we have to add

   headers: {
     'X-CSRF-TOKEN': $('meta[name="csrf-token"]').attr('content')

Question: How to get data from two dates in laravel?

In Laravel, we can use whereBetween() function to get data between two dates.


Blog::whereBetween('created_at', [$dateOne, $dateTwo])->get();

Question: How to setup laravel for start development ??

Laravel installation steps:-

If you did not mention any particular version, then it will install with the latest version.

Question: What is PHP Artisan? Name Some Common Laravel Artisan Commands?

Artisan is a type of the “command line interface” using in Laravel. It provides lots of helpful commands for you while developing your application. We can run these command according to our need.

Laravel supports various artisan commands like

Question: What is the difference between {{ $username }} and {!! $username !!} in Laravel?

{{ $username }} is simply used to display text contents but {!! $username !!} is used to display content with HTML tags if exists.

Question: How to use session variable in laravel 7.0?

1. Retrieving Data from session

2. Retrieving All session data

3. Remove data from session
session()->forget('key'); or session()->flush();

4. Storing Data in session
session()->put('key', 'value');

Question: How to get last inserted id using laravel query?

In case you are using save()
$blog = new Blog;
$blog->title = 'Best Interview Questions';

// Now you can use (after save() function we can use like this)

$blog->id // It will display last inserted id 
In case you are using insertGetId()
$insertGetId = DB::table('blogs')->insertGetId(['title' => 'Best Interview Questions']);

Question: How to use mail() function in laravel?

Laravel itself provides a powerful and clean API over the SwiftMailer library with drivers for Mailgun SMS, SMTP Server, Amazon SES, SparkPost, and send an email. With this API, by using which we can easily send an inserted email on a local server as well as the live server.

Here is an example through the mail()

Laravel allows us to store email messages in our views files. As For example, to manage our emails, we can create an email directory within our resources/views directory.


 public function sendEmail(Request $request, $id)
        $user = Admin::find($id);

        Mail::send('emails.reminder', ['user' => $user], function ($m) use ($user) {
            $m->from('info@bestinterviewquestion.com', 'Reminder');

            $m->to($user->email, $user->name)->subject('Your Reminder!');

How to use a cookie in laravel ??

1. How to set Cookie

To set cookie value, we have to use Cookie::put('key', 'value');

2. How to get Cookie

To get cookie Value we have to use Cookie::get('key');

3. How to delete or remove Cookie

To remove cookie Value we have to use Cookie::forget('key')

4. How to check Cookie

To Check cookie is exists or not, we have to use Cache::has('key')

Question: How to access the laravel index without using /Public Folder?

You can do this in several ways. Steps are given below:-

Question: How to use joins in laravel?

Laravel supports various joins that’s are given below:-

Inner Join

DB::table('admin') ->join('contacts', 'admin.id', '=', 'contacts.user_id') ->join('orders', 'admin.id', '=', 'orders.user_id') ->select('users.id', 'contacts.phone', 'orders.price') ->get(); 

Left Join / Right Join

$users = DB::table('admin') ->leftJoin('posts', 'admin.id', '=', 'posts.admin_id') ->get();
$users = DB::table('admin') ->rightJoin('posts', 'admin.id', '=', 'posts.admin_id') ->get(); 

Cross Join

 $user = DB::table('sizes') ->crossJoin('colours') ->get();

Advanced Join

 DB::table('admin') ->join('contacts', function ($join) { $join->on('admin.id', '=', 'contacts.admin_id')->orOn(...); }) ->get();

Sub-Query Joins

$admin = DB::table('admin') ->joinSub($latestPosts, 'latest_posts', function ($join) { $join->on('admin.id', '=', 'latest_posts.admin_id'); })->get();

Question: What is faker in Laravel?

Faker is a type of module or packages which are used to create fake data for testing purposes. It can be used to produce all sorts of data.

It is used to generate the given data types.

In Laravel, Faker is used basically for testing purposes.

Question: How to use an update() query in Laravel?

With the help of update() function, we can update our data in the database according to the condition.


Blog::where(['id' => $id])->update([

   'title' => 'Best Interview Questions',

   'content' => 'Best Interview Questions'



DB::table("blogs")->where(['id' => $id])->update([

    'title' => 'Best Interview Questions',

    'content' => 'Best Interview Questions'


Question: What is Laravel and why it is used?

Laravel is a framework that makes web development easier and smoother by providing conventions and standards to be followed during development to avoid sacrificing time and functionalities.

Laravel supports routing, caching, sessions, authentication, events, and many other complex functionalities to be easily integrated.

Question: Laravel is CMS or something else?

CMS stands for “Content Management System”. A CMS is a fully developed and finished application that can be extended and enhanced. Laravel is a framework. You can develop your own CMS with Laravel.

Question: How to use Ajax in any form submission?

<script type="text/javascript">
    $(document).ready(function() {
            // FORMIDORCLASS will your your form CLASS ot ID
            headers: {
                 'X-CSRF-TOKEN': $('meta[name="_token"]').attr('content')
                // you have to pass in between tag
     var formData = $("FORMIDORCLASS").serialize();
          type: "POST",
         url: "",
         data : formData,
         success: function( response ) {
              // Write here your sucees message
         }, error: function(response) {
            // Write here your error message
    return false;

Question: How to use multiple OR condition in Laravel Query?

Blog::where(['id' => 5])->orWhere(['username' => 'info@bestinterviewquestion.com'])->update([
    'title' => 'Best Interview Questions',

Question: Please write some additional where Clauses in Laravel?

Laravel provides various methods that we can use in queries to get records with our conditions.

These methods are given below

Question: Laravel is used for backend or frontend?

Laravel runs with composer elements and symphony. It is designed to improve web application retrieval. It is a framework for creating a backend based on MVC architecture.

Since the frontend is also an integral part of any web application, Laravel allows using a blade templating engine for frontend development as well as support alternatives. it also best supported for Vue js.

Question: Ask yourself a question “Should I use Laravel?”

You should use Laravel to make development processes easier and smoother. You can develop an application in Core PHP, however, it may be time taking as compared to the Laravel PHP framework.

If you have a short time and interested in a longer life of your project, you should use the Laravel framework.

Question: Is Laravel an MVC framework?

Yes, Laravel is an open-source web application development framework based on Symphony by following MVC (Model-View-Controller) architectural design pattern. This web framework was developed by Taylor Otwell.

Question: Is laravel is easy to learn?

Either Laravel is easy or not, it depends on your skills level and mindset. it is factoring that how fast you can adopt new things better.

If you have used any PHP framework or PHP OOPS (Object-Oriented PHP) Concept, then Laravel will be easy to learn and use for yourself. Otherwise, you may face difficulty while learning Laravel.

Question: Is Laravel easier than PHP?

Laravel is a web development framework based on PHP language. It was developed to abstract the complexities of PHP. Hence, it is easier than PHP. You can write code in Laravel in a shorter time as compared to code in PHP.

Question: How good is Laravel?

Laravel is one of the most popular and good frameworks. It has been used widely in the production of smaller to larger applications. It is easy to use and maintain. You can develop applications in a shorter time. It has expressive syntax.

Question: Is PHP a dying language?

No, PHP is not a dying language. It is a widely used and popular programming language. PHP is used to develop many popular frameworks like Laravel, CodeIgnitor, CakePHP, etc.

WordPress is the most popular CMS developed in PHP. WordPress has been adopted by small and big enterprises, hence, PHP never gonna die until the use of its CMS and frameworks die.

Question: Why Laravel is the best framework?

The reasons which makes Laravel the best PHP framework involve ease of use, maintainability, standards to be followed, expressive syntax, object-oriented approach, MVC architectural pattern, clarity between logic and presentation, built-in modules and procedures, great performance and brief documentation.

Question: What are the features of Laravel?

Laravel framework has a big list of features, few of them are:

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