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Who likes to increase sales on Amazon? We do, we do! At Appfinz Technologies, we’re all about finding ways to bring in more money, so let’s get to to the top ways you can increase sales on Amazon. Hint: repricing makes the list.

1. Optimise Your Title

Titles are one of the top ways to grab a buyer’s attention, so optimise the heck out of it. If you follow the general formula of brand name + product name + features (e.g. colour, size, gender, use, etc.), then you should be good.

Not only will you tell shoppers immediately what your product is, but you’ll be able to capitalise on high-ranking keywords, too.

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 2.Be a Resource

If you want to increase your sales on Amazon, you need to differentiate your brand from competitors, boost product awareness, and attract your target customers. One way to do this is to leverage yourself and your brand as a resource.

Online consumers spend a lot of time researching before making a purchasing decision. If your brand provides consumers with the information they are looking for, you will build their trust in your brand and ultimately become a more successful Amazon retailer. Here are five steps on how to turn your website into that trusted resource:

3. Get Help from Influencers

When consumers research a product, they often look for reviews from trusted sources such as social media influencers, industry leaders, and even celebrities who use the product. In one study of a large group of consumers, 49% of respondents said they take recommendations and advice from influencers when deciding what products to buy. That being said, another great way to increase your sales on Amazon is to connect with and leverage the help of well-known influencers in your industry.

Amazon wants YouTubers to get involved in its influencer program, but will  they take the bait? | The Drum

4. Sync Your Inventory

If you sell on multiple platforms, then syncing your inventory makes it a lot easier to sell on all of them. You’ll be able to keep track of inventory easily, keep a consistent tone in descriptions, and update changes seamlessly. Plus, you’ll be able to save a lot of time not having to do everything multiple times, which you can devote to the other tips on this list.


5. Don’t Skip on Keywords

The search terms buyers use constantly changes, and staying ahead of the curve can help you increase sales on Amazon. There are plenty of ways to boost your SEO, whether you use tools like SEMRushAhrefs, or whatever else is your favourite. 

6 Best Keyword Research Tools for SEO
Source: Ahrefs

6 Try a Sponsored Products Campaign

As with many other channels, you can find more success on Amazon if you’re willing to pay to play. Creating Sponsored Products ads on Amazon can help make your brand more visible than your competitors. Here’s how it works:

  1. You choose the products you want to advertise, how much you’re willing to spend per click on each ad, and any keywords that you’d like to connect to your product.
  2. Amazon will create ads that appear in high-visibility spots like the first page of a shopper’s search results or at the bottom of a product details page.

7. Improve Product Photos

One of the quickest ways to grab a buyer’s attention is with top-quality photos. And the best thing is, you don’t even have to be a pro or devote tons of time to it. All you have to do is follow a few basic principles to launch yourself into the look-at-me level of photos:

  1. Shoot with as much natural light as possible. Shooting closer to the window translates to soft light with dark, soft shadows while shooting further away means a more even light with lighter, but sharper, shadows.
  2. Don’t use flash and set your white balance to auto.
  3. Set up your camera on a tripod, even if you’re shooting with a smartphone, to avoid shakes.
  4. Use a white or light-neutral backdrop. Draping a white cloth over a chair creates a seamless background that doesn’t compete with the product.
  5. Shoot the product from multiple angles.
  6. Consider putting your product in lifestyle situations so buyers can see how it should be used.
1. Product photography studio

Final Words:

You can improve your sales boost by getting into these influential steps, you can also use tools like Helium, Ahrefs, Semrush to perform better, at the end we must ask you that follow guidelines provided by Amazon and other marketplaces. it will help you to perform better.

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